Brands In Motion is a boutique interactive digital agency that connects people to brands in unique and meaningful ways. Our focus and passion is to deliver unparalleled creative consumer engagement programs for our clients using the Mobile Web, GeoFencing / Location-Aware technologies for Way-Finding, Check-In / Rewards, Geo-Tagging, Sponsored Social Marketing, Mobile Booking, Mobile Coupons, Loyalty Programs, Mass Mingling and Text Messaging Campaigns.

Our core service is guiding brand owners through a mobilizing process to integrate their physical brand through the digital mobile world.

We explore all viable methods to deliver dynamic content to highly targeted consumers. Additionally, we use a wide range of strategic tools and tactics to direct-connect with consumers and encourage “In The Moment Interaction” that generates leads, drives sales and increases redemptions.

We present fun, interesting and useful information to mobile people  in a way that allows them to interact with you and initiate contact.

Additionally, we help our clients eliminate wasteful spending by reducing printing costs and non-productive advertising expenses. We accomplish this for our clients and by enhancing their print, digital and mobile marketing with real-time technology that allows better reporting and tracks everything from impressions to redemptions using “ConnectNow” technology.


Analyze all current marketing programs and expenses.  Evaluate future plans, endeavors and opportunities to integrate mobile technologies into the mix.

Develop a Social Mobile Marketing program that enhances brands and connects all of it’s efforts to the increasing number of mobile consumers.

Execute Social Mobile Marketing programs directed at precise targeted groups, age, gender, occupation, social networks, geographically and within proximity. Additionally we can push content to designated types of devices and relevant offers to highly targeted users with opt-in services, location aware technologies and SMS campaigns.

Integrate and enhance all existing marketing efforts with mobile technology to strategically fuse Public Relations tactics into the campaigns to further extend the brands reach and impact.

Consistently measure, evaluate, adjust and refine all marketing so we know who, when, where and why consumers are connecting with our content.