Customized Concierge Services

A growing component of our business is Customizing Concierge Services.  As a result of managing categories on (3) Interactive Reservations and Concierge Kiosks located in baggage claim at McCarran Airport we are now servicing a high volume of consumer interactions with our Interactive Digital Concierge Kiosks. With a major footprint at ” The Primary Connection Point” and  in order to expedite bookings, reservations, show tickets and arrange for transportation we have established a on-site Airport Ambassadors & A Virtual Concierge Service that can be customized to connect to a live staffed concierge or that can be handled through our clients bookings and concierge services. We offer our clients, dedicated call center management, Live Attendant Baggage Claim Concierge Services, Mobile Concierge Integration with On-Site Services, In-House Concierge Staffing and Custom Branded Concierge Services.

First Touch Point to 1.5 Million Visitors Per Month

There are (3) eye-level kiosks placed directly in the center of baggage claim. Each kiosk is comprised of (8) animated LCD Screens, (12) Interactive Touch Screens, (12) Phones and (12) Credit Card Readers. Consumers are offered a variety of choices of how they can interact with us. They can place a direct call to our concierge or box office. They can preview an establishment, print a Vip Referral Voucher or Coupon or they can SCAN or TEXT in to receive offers and directions that will be sent to their mobile device for future use. Consumers can also purchase tickets directly from our kiosks if they desire.

Las Vegas Mobile Coupon Promotion

Counter-top Concierge Kiosk

ConnectNowVegas are Self-Serve Concierge Kiosks. We have specifically designed our elegant and sleek displays to be placed in high traffic locations including hotels, resorts, attractions, casinos, lobbies, gift shops, concierge desks and reservations counters. The Concierge Kiosks provide guests with Vip Referrals, directions and contact information for a variety of local businesses. As a benefit to the property guests are also able to preview videos and special on-site offers for dining, spas, golf and gift store purchases.