“We are a Mobile Society.  By the end of 2011 traditional coupons, direct-mail and print advertising, as we’ve known them, will be obsolete.  Low-yielding, single-dimension ads will cease to exist. Multi-dimensional, highly measurable and precisely targeted mobile promotions will drive business at all levels.”     Bret Pawlowski

Fully Integrated Mobile Promotion

Consumers can use MobileCoupons to find deals at local merchants easily online, or on their mobile phone using MobileCoupons.com via the mobile web, iPhone app or android app.  They can redeem the coupon simply by scanning their phone at time of purchase.  Coupons can also include a QR / Barcodes / TAGs and Secure Codes that can be validated on our ConnectNow kiosks. In less than 5 minutes, retailers can create a coupon with optional 1D or 2D barcodes by using our simple, self-service web-enabled coupon creation tool.  Merchants have complete control over their coupons and can analyze, monitor and modify their coupons at any time.

Why Mobile Coupons

  • Mobile Coupons are expected to grow 10x next year due to ease of redemption.
  • By 2014 almost 300 million consumers will have used a mobile coupon with just under $6 billion discounts redeemed. (Source: Juniper Research, December 2009)

Consumer Benefits of MobileCoupons.com

  • No more searching, clipping, saving and remembering – Mobile coupons provide a better consumer experience and are simpler to use vs. paper coupons.
  • Coupons are always with you – Consumers are attached to their phones (this will continue to grow with smartphone growth); mobile coupons are always available.
  • No phone left behind – MobileCoupons.com works across all platforms – send to phone and mobile web for “non-smart phones”, iPhone app and android app.  Integrated SMS / TEXT promotions link people to Coupons that can be transported, shared and can also be viewed and printed from the wired internet for consumers who are at their PC or don’t have access to the mobile web or download.

Merchant Benefits of MobileCoupons.com

  • Search Engine Optimization – MobileCoupons.com is optimized for Search Engines and our retailers’ coupons are coming back high in the search results priority.  It is a great way for consumers to find your business.  Increase brand exposure when consumers are seeking incentives in your category.
  • Influence at Point of Decision Making – Mobile Coupons are available and searchable at the time the consumer is making the decision, providing direct influence right when spending decisions are being made.
  • Social Networking- Mobile Coupons Go Viral! Consumers love to share great offers they have found (we allow them to do it with the click of a button).  Merchants love the viral aspects of MobileCoupons.
  • Reach different consumers – Mobile Coupon redeemers are younger and more affluent than paper coupon users. (Source: Scarborough Research)
  • Enhance Existing Offers – Use MobileCoupons.com as a stand alone execution, to increase ease and delivery of website or email coupons, in conjunction with paper coupons or to drive trial of new products.

The MobileCoupons.com Advantage

  • Only multi-platform client solution – Consumers can clip coupons online & send to phone or print, mobile web, iPhone app or android app.
  • Easy, Real-time self-serve creation – Easily create and update their coupons in real-time.  Coupons can be created with 6 different types of barcodes in < 5 minutes.
  • Real-time coupon monitoring and updating – Like Google adsense we can track statistics and adjust coupons at any time.  This greatly reduces the feedback cycle which can take up to 1 year for paper coupons.
  • Drive sales at low-demand times or for perishable inventory – Select the specific dates and times that the coupons are valid for.  Create coupons for slow time periods, to fill excess inventory or to clear out perishable inventory.
  • ConnectNowVegas is The First Mobile Coupon, Promotion and Redemption Ecosystem developed by Brands In Motion and Open Motion to bridge the gap between Mobile Offers and Physical Redemptions.

About MobileCoupons.com

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, MobileCoupons.com is wholly owned by OpenMotion LLC & RACO Industries, who have 20 years of experience in the barcode and data collection industry and 6 years experience creating, hosting, and securing distribution of mobile applications for consumer brands like Hotels.com, Ticketmaster and Expedia which have jointly generated over 1 billion page views.  Our track record in mobile and barcode/scanner technologies places mobilecoupons.com in a strong position to solve operational issues with retailers.  RACO’s experience in barcoding, application development and mobility led to the purchase of the mobilecoupons.com domain name in late 2003.  After waiting for the wireless market to mature, MobileCoupons.com was officially launched in December of 2009.


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