We live in a highly competitive world. Your customers are mobile-connected, on the go and searching for engagement. Brands In Motion specializes in reaching people and connecting your messages to them when they are most receptive and, more importantly, how THEY want to be connected with. We bridge the gaps in your marketing to streamline the engagements with your customers to create a better experience. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your brand connect using our digital mobile billboard network, integrated internet and mobile promotions nationwide.


Go Where Your Customers Go!

Digital Billboard Trucks

We are the Ferrari of L.E.D Digital Mobile Billboard Trucks. Taking your brands to the next-level with unique and multiple vibrant ads and captivating videos that get attention and showcase your brand in the best possible light. Our fleet, drivers and staff are ready to go the extra mile to make your campaigns memorable and more productive.

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L.E.D JumboScreen Rental

Our high quality & high resolution L.E.D. displays showcase videos and brand messaging day and night, indoor or outdoor. Multiple jumbo screen and jumbotron configurations for events, concerts, tailgating, graduations ceremonies, scoreboards, golf tournaments, demo-days, fairs, movie nights, watch parties, weddings, races, marathons, charity events, tent sales, political campaigns and more.

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Brand Ambassadors

Kick up your campaigns with experiential promotions and activations. We add the human-touch with professional Brand Teams at events stepping-up to promote your brand and engage customers. We can encourage downloads, deliver promotional items and showcase your promotions. The sky’s the limit!

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Conversion Tracking

Fact: A majority of marketing efforts hit a dead-end. Inbound calls not answered properly, website visitors bouncing off your website and mobile-unfriendly promotions cost you real money! We’re the catalyst for the change you need to streamline your conversion and sales funnels that make all of your marketing and brand initiatives more engaging and more productive!

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Websites, Mobile & Apps

50%-60% of your customer interaction is happening on a mobile device. All of your billboards, marketing and promotions need to be integrated, connected and enhanced to work hand-in-hand with your website and mobile platforms. Our Digital Mobile Billboard campaigns drive traffic to websites and encourage mobile interaction, app installs, user adoption and sales. Our team of website developers, content and social media specialists will optimize promotions that get results.

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Online Booking Engine

Our proprietary BRAND COMMAND software platform is the first of it’s kind. We’ve created a world-class self-service campaign management system that offers our customers, brands and our Network Partners the resources to manage campaigns more efficiently and see real-time data and analytics from their campaigns. We offer Better Results, Better Insight, Better ROI, Better Intelligence and Better Connection through Better Technology.

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Our Brands In Motion Digital Mobile Billboard Trucks are designed with unique features that allow us to deliver highly impactful ads while driving in traffic, on highways, side roads and virtually any public street. Our routes are mapped using the latest GPS technologies and traffic data to get maximum visibility. Once parked the (2) high-resolution jumbo screens can be raised more that 20′ in the air. So, we can drive a perimeter route around a sporting event moving with the flow of traffic then get inside to a tailgate section, raise both sides in under 5 minutes to get visibility from thousands of people in both directions to double your exposure.  Whether we’re moving with traffic or or parked at an event our Digital Mobile Billboards and JumboScreens get massive amount of impressions for your vivid videos and crystal clear ads. Our vehicles are built to adapt quickly, go above and beyond and deliver maximum reach to your customers.


Our dynamic LED digital mobile billboards convert to double sided JumboScreens. Our trucks and trailer systems are specially designed to get to crowds of all sizes. All of our systems are built with hydraulic-lifting capabilities that allow our screens to quickly be raised to extend the visibility of videos, ads and live-feeds. From small groups to large crowds we’re sure to get you the visibility you need.

Rain or Shine, all of our systems weather-proof, so don’t let rain put a damper on your event! They’re fantastic for indoor and outdoor events, day or night, and come with self-contained power and built-in audio. Our professional LED technicians can get your screen up and running in just a few minutes.


Adding interactivity boosts the fun for attendees of events. It’s also a great way to get fans involved and double the exposure for advertisers and event sponsors.

Our Live-Feeds and Text-To-Screen promotions are a fun way to engage members of your community. We provide a moderator, and we’ll also develop a list of interactive questions/voting contests and games that keep crowds tuned-in and engaged.


Want brand new sponsorship activations to offer to existing and new sponsors? We will provide new sponsorship activation ideas and opportunities customized for your event and for sponsors brands. We’re ideally configured for concerts, sporting events, fairs, festivals and any community event that wants to add more value for sponsors. So kick your sponsorships into another gear with Brands In Motion, Digital Mobile Billboards and JumboScreen rentals.


Outdoor Movie Events are fast becoming a great way for communities to spend time with family in the outdoors. However, the problem has always been that most jumbotron rental companies use projectors and inflatable screens —which cannot be seen in daylight.

Brands In Motion, Digital Mobile Billboards and Jumbo Screens are visible in direct sunlight day or night, rain or shine. That means your promotional opportunities don’t have a time limit! Also our high-resolution screens can feature movies, games and vivid sponsor content for the crowds entertainment.


For movie nights or watch parties, you’ll want to use our dynamic LED digital mobile billboard / jumboscreens! Our trucks and trailer systems are specially designed to get to crowds of all sizes.

Rain or Shine, all of our systems weather-proof, so don’t let rain put a damper on your event! They’re fantastic for indoor and outdoor events, day or night, and come with self-contained power and built-in audio. Our professional LED technicians can get your screen up and running in just a few minutes.


Want brand new sponsorship activations to offer to existing and new sponsors? We will provide you with new sponsorship activation opportunities customized for your event and your sponsors brands. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can take your events to the next-level.


Races, Walks and Sporting Events are excellent marketing opportunities.

Sponsors are getting calls from more races and have more options.

  • What are you doing to ensure your race, or charity walk is a more memorable experience for participants and spectators?
  • What are you doing to market the event locally and get more exposure for your sponsors?

Let’s talk facts…

  1. You’re producing a event to make or raise money.
  2. There are a lot of marketing expenses that go into putting on a successful event. Advertising and your website are the most critical.
  3. We can provide a complete service to turn your events into highly performing and integrated marketing opportunities that will generate revenues, help get more sponsors and get more exposure for your event.
  4. Your investment in a Brands In Motion  Digital Mobile JumboScreen rentals will be one of the only investments that will generate revenues that contribute to the bottom line revenues. We can show you how to make more money from your event.
  5. Get in touch with Brands In Motion today to learn how we can take your event to the next level.


Festivals are a great way for promoters to activate the community, create a buzz and raise money. No other company in the USA has the dynamic offering and hybrid digital mobile billboards / jumboscreens like we do. These are the money-makers for your event and we know how to maximize your efforts and mobilize brands. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can take your festival to the next level with our mobile digital billboards and jumboscreens rentals.

Our JumboScreens are perfect for:

  • Chili Cook-Off’s
  • BBQ’s
  • Taco Festivals
  • Food Trucks
  • State Fairs
  • Holiday Festivals
  • Music Festivals
  • Auto and Art Shows
  • & More…


Next-Level Tailgate and Watch Parties start with our High Visibility Jumboscreens!

  • Tailgate parties are a great way for alumni, friends, colleagues and fans to come together.
  • Tailgate parties are an important part of the FAN Experience and a unique way to present fun and entertaining content to a captive audience.
  • We’ve got your Tailgate and watch party jumbotron rental packages priced affordably and some fun add-on’s to kick it up a notch!

Our Digital Mobile JumboScreen tailgate and watch party rental packages can include a variety of options such as:

  • Double Sided, High Visibility Jumbotron video screen on 20′ Hydraulic Lift
  • Pre-Event Digital Mobile Billboard promoting the event and sponsors days before.
  • Video camera and operator and/or Drone Operator
  • Spokespersons stage system
  • Social media wall, live, and moderated
  • Video production switcher
  • Sound System
  • Commercial Programming* (replace the TV commercials with your own messages)
  • Text to screen promotions and interactive games and contests that please the crowds
  • Custom Sponsorship Packages


Our hybrid digital mobile billboard / jumboscreen can be strategically placed to get maximum exposure. Route will increase engagement of participants and onlookers alike, our digital mobile billboard can get into traffic days before the event to get some additional mileage and exposure and drive more traffic as well as, creating a pre-event BUZZ!

We can even customize our high resolution jumbotrons and digital mobile billboards can display live-feeds directly to the screens making your events larger than life. The creativity and exposure is endless!


We go the extra mile so investing in a Brands In Motion Jumboscreen Rental is a great way to insure your event is larger than life. We offer a great deal of exposure before, during and after events to keep your message strong and top-of-mind.



  • Seeing themselves and candidates on the Jumbotrons.
  • The vivid videos and crystal-clear sound system.
  • Interactive content on the jumboscreens to get fans pumped up and energized!


  • The reach and engage, our jumbotrons can provide by showing live video to the audience on the Brands In Motion jumboscreen. Live Coverage, Crowd-Cams and Interaction is a big hit!
  • Added-Value to have multiple new revenue stream by showing sponsors messages days before the event and during.
  • Being able to show a live-feed of activity from all around the rally.
  • Keep crowds informed and entertained to boost crowd participation.


A Social Media Wall is also sometimes referred to as a Twitter wall, a tweet wall or a live stream. It is essentially a digital wall that accumulates posts from numerous social media sources into a single location. It enables you to “broadcast” numerous posts that are relevant to your event, your audience and candidates thanks to the convenient use of hashtags. With a Social Media Wall you will be empowered to present digital communications that encourage your attendees to interact.

How a Social Media Wall is a major asset for your next special event:

Social Media Walls are an effective way to interact with customers and attendees with your specific brand through posts that appear on your event’s Jumbotron within just a few seconds! Consider a social media wall as another, very powerful marketing tool that enhances your overall event -whether you’re hosting a block party, a running race, a trade show, a festival or corporate event. It’s only natural that attendees enjoy seeing themselves, their friends and their coworkers on the jumboscreen – a Social Media Wall encourages them to post in real time – and the more people at your event who are posting customized hashtags and logos means a better chance at trending and getting more exposure.

Brands In Motion is a national Jumbotron and concert screen provider for a variety of events. We specialize in providing our clients with quality big screens, clear audio and comprehensive media solutions that result in a significant return on their investment. A media wall is part of our outstanding Jumbotron rental package – Take your parade to the next level with Brands In Motion at 888-708-5558 and talk with our team about your next big outdoor or indoor event! We have indoor L.E.D. Rental too!


Your investment in a JUMBOSCREEN rentals for your indoor our outdoor tradeshow will get your business a great deal of visibility. You’ll stand apart from the crowd and cut through the clutter with vivid and dynamic LED BIG SCREENS that are visible from greater distances. Brands In Motion goes the extra mile for your marketing and tradeshow promotions by being able to run a variety of graphics, animations and even your Youtube videos so there is very little or ZERO additional production costs to create content. Get in touch with us to learn how we can maximize your footprint and exposure at tradeshows.


If you are looking to generate more revenues and create more exposure and value for your sponsors AND generate more awareness for your event you’ve come to the right place. We are the only company that can offer you a way to double the exposure for your event using our digital mobile billboard that transforms into a HUGE double sided JumboScreen. That means that before your event we can go out into the community, driving high traffic areas around town and around your event to promote the event, your website and cause. It also means that during the event we have (3) LED screens on the vehicle and (2) of the can be raised 20′ in the air to get  360 degree visibility from a much greater distance. That means more exposure, better resolution, high visibility, more dynamic ads, better retention, more engaging content! Sponsors will love it and so will your attendees. Give us a call to discuss how we can shift your event in high gear.

Our Digital Mobile JumboScreens are Great for Golf Tournaments, Political Rallies, Marathons, Local Sporting Events, Grand Openings, Parking Lot Sales and any size community event.


Our sponsors and brands are are partners!

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When you’re in business, getting Traffic to your business is a major concern. Whether you need more customers in your store, generating more phone calls or more visitors to your website your business is highly dependent on keeping a steady flow of quality traffic to your business. 

Getting high quality traffic is not so simple for most businesses and brands. It takes a great deal of effort, planning, marketing resources and money to get in front of new customers on a regular basis. Brands In Motion specializes in helping businesses of all sizes connect with more customers. We use our innovative fleet of digital mobile billboards to increase engagements with customers that turn into more traffic, calls, more leads, more sales and more exposure for your business. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!


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